We Find People
Whether you want to find a lost friend/loved one, need an address for service of process, have a missing person or a deadbeat parent, we're here to help. While no one can legally "guarantee" you, our success rate is 96%.
Whether Infidelity, Child Custody, alienation or general Divorce, we provide documented proof of activity concerning the Subject as it relates to you/ your child(ren)/ grandchild(ren). We specialize in domestic cases!
Accidents & Incidents
Worker's compensation, personal injury, slip and falls, general liability cases- we provide documented proof of any activity the Subject engages in. We take witness/claimant statements & measurements of accident areas, saving clients the headache of tracking down people and facts.
We offer protection for individuals, families, events, and facilities. Our team delivers safety and peace of mind so YOU can focus on the job at hand. In addition, we offer Fire Watch services to monitor and document fire hazards & contact emergensy response personnel if needed. 
Additional Services
Investigative Services
Security Services
From crime scene/evidence search to canvasing area for witnesses, we handle the leg work for both attorneys and private citizens.  Is someone following you? Need proof of harrassment? We offer detection/ evasive techniques as well as bug sweeps of homes, offices or vehicles.  From background checks to elder abuse investigations; from mobile notary service to service of process, Savy helps clients navigate unchartered waters. 

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