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Executive Protection/ Fire Watch Services/ Event Security/ Safety Escorts/ Employee Termination/ Guard Services/ Transport Safety/ CCTV/ Stationary & Foot Patrol Services/ Loss Prevention
Accidents & Incidents
 Worker's Comp/ Personal Injury Investigations/ SIU Statements, photos, measurements/ Insurance Fraud/ Victim & Witness Statements
 Infidelity/ Child Custody/ Trash Retrieval & Processing/Seminal fluids testing/ Visitation exchange/ Trial prep/ Asset checks
Additional Services 
Background Checks/ Mobile Notary/ Process Serving (Gwinnett)/ Counter-Surveillance/ Criminal Investigation/ Fingerprinting/ Asset Documentation/Drug test/ Polygraph test
Find address, phone number, family member, skips, heirs, missing persons
Our team of licensed private detectives and security personnel are experienced in different fields, which allows us to offer areas of specialization. Whatever your need, our team is here to help. Call today for a FREE consultation!
  1. Teachable & Always Learning
    November 4, 2016
    Each private detective & security officer is both certified and licensed through the state of Georgia. In addition, Continuing Ed classes, professional conferences & agency training sessions keep our team learning the newest techniques and resources available to help YOU.
  2. Holiday Security
    December 1, 2016
    1-It's YOUR business- don't rely solely upon your busy staff to keep an eye on people. The minute your store clerk turns away for a second, a criminal will be tucking one of your products in his/her bag and head out the door. Hire security personnel for peace of mind. 2- For private parties make sure a security guard is on your list along with the DJ and caterer. If your event is formal, opt for an Executive Protection who can don formal attire and blend in. 3-Tips for shopping online: *Choose credit cards over debit cards. Credit cards often have greater protection from identity theft. *Verify each website’s security! A secure website starts with https:// instead of http://. *Shopping online at a coffee house or bookstore puts you at greater risk for identity theft- don't do it. 4- Going out of town? Here are a few tips: *Suspend your newspaper subscriptions & put a hold on your mail delivery. *Ask neighbors to remove door hangers, junk mail or flyers from front door daily. *Set your lights on a timer. *Park a car out front. *Leave a TV or radio on.
Our Advantage
Savy Investigations & Security, Inc. exists to help real people dealing with real problems. This agency works within the confines of GA law Title 43-38 and GA Board Rules 509 et. al. set forth by the GA Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies. While some may give up after not finding the answer online, our team knows a computer screen is just the first of several steps needed in gathering facts for clients. Investigators spread throughout various Georgia counties all come together to serve as the eyes and ears of our clients, with teams of two assigned to most surveillance cases.